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Information on Elite Club Program

Is a socially enriching and conscious elite and highly technical environment. We set out two years ago to create a new model for youth programming that included all services and developed a sense of community needed to impact the athletes in areas not just volleyball. We have run Youth Developmental Workshops for three years now and have offered learning opportunities to our athletes and their families on an array of topics. We brought in video analysis and skill videos last year for our athletes which has proved to be a great service for their college search. We have been supporting athletes and their families on college planning and placements to help the athletes find their right fit. This years program will formalize many of these components we have been developing over the past Three years to bring our services to a new level.
What Genuine is about

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We have remained committed to having 10-11 players per team when possible and it has proved to be a wise decision. While we do not make any promises for play time, having a small team does allow each athlete to have a greater contribution to the group.
Small Teams of 10 or 11
We have and will continue to do whatever we can to keep our prices fair to allow us to accommodate season expenses and our staffing needs while always taking into account you families need to raise a family. We are starting to place many of our athletes in Division 1 programs and some with scholarships; however, I remain to our philosophy that if one wanted a guaranteed scholarship they could just not play volleyball and invest the money. While we will place athletes with opportunities we focus on the athletes development and teamwork to allow them to be successful throughout life whether they decide to play in college or not.
Financially Sustainable Pricing
We started this project last year and it really has helped us get our athletes out there and more visible. Who better to showcase and advocate for your athlete then their club program and staff. We have improved our technology for this year and will be including one skill video in the fee for the U 16 to U 18 teams this season. We will be hosting this and all vital physical data on our site again as well.
Skill Videos and Hosting
Last year we started our "Saturday Clinics" model where all athletes from genuine could come in and get free offensive training in a group setting with video analysis. This was successful and as a result we will be expanding this to weekly Saturday sessions on Setting, hitting, serving/passing, defense and Middle Blocker specific training. More details to come on this included program in this years fees.
Free Positional Clinics
Last year we delved into helping our athletes prepare for transfer and make sure they are on track. This year we will have a strategic and specific program in practice for our U 16s to U18s. We will have assistance from some college counselors who will be available for meetings and workshops at our athletes request as an included service.
College Assistance
We will continue to offer workshops throughout the year on topics such as college entrance, nutrition, yoga, self defense and other fun and enriching topics. Join us for these workshops and movie nights at Genuine Volleyball Club.
Youth Development Workshops
Our Athletes will be offered some club sponsored community service opportunities throughout the year.
Community Service Opportunities
The Whole Sports Mission
Whole Sports is working to offer the highest level elite sports training for athletes to reach their goals while focussing on the "Whole Athlete." Our athletes make the life lessons sports bring to the present as we offer educational workshops and community service projects monthly. We make the life learning that elite team sports offer a focus in the present.
Whole Sports Programs
Who We Are
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Marc Lomeli
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Rebecca Bailey
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Finance /Info
Maria Barkley