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Strength and Conditioning @ Genuine

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Tap into your true athletic potential today at our functional fitness facility designed specifically to build stronger athletes and adults.

We provide a complete and individualized experience unique to your specific needs and goals.

Reaching those goals means working harder than you thought you ever could to build yourself a strong and functional body.

Gain the confidence that delivers when you need it the most.

Take charge and join Genuine Strength today!

Contact Coach (or fill out form below): Chris Almaras @ 760-271-6683

Program Details:

MONDAY - THURSDAY anytime between 4:30-7:30 pm

* This is an OPEN time slot and attendance time/day is open to athletes choice week to week and day to day.

* Athletes will receive their individualized training program through an application on their smart phones.

* Athletes will be tested on first and last day of their monthly sessions. Testing includes Performance Metrics (Speed/Agility/Quickness/Vertical Jump/Acceleration/Deceleration/Change of Direction/Core Strength/Mobility)

* Programming is based on 4 week blocks of Professionally Supervised Progressive Training.

* This IS NOT a class. This is a customized Sports Performance Strength and Conditioning Program for new and serious athletes alike. This program is available to ages 10 + including collegiate athletes.

* Athletes will be working on Dynamic Performance (Plyometrics/Agility/Quickness, etc.) and Strength (Upper Body/Lower Body/Pillar Strength/Mobility).

* The program is based on Long Term Athletic Development (Kaizen), scientific principles, phasic structure, performance enhancement, injury prevention, creation of a vision, goal setting, improving work ethic, developing mental strength & focus and a strong positive attitude.

Program Pricing


$70 per month *

Custom once per week Strength and Conditioning for Volleyball Athletes designed to create a foundation of fitness and prevent injury. (4 week blocks of programming + Performance Metrics Test and Retest)

1 - 60 minute Group Session per week


$120 per month *

Custom twice per week training designed to enhance Volleyball Sports Performance and prevent injury. (4 week blocks of Programming + Performance Metrics Test and Retest)

2 - 60 minute Group Session per week


$170 Per month *

Customized twice per week Sports Performance Training + 1 Private Training Session with the Program Director. (4 week blocks of Programming + Performance Metrics Test and Retest)

2 - 60 minute Group Session per week

1 - 60 minute Private Session per month

* The price of the program is per month. If your athlete cannot attend the workout, credit does not roll over to the next month. All payments must be received prior to the first workout.

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Fill out the form below to request more information regarding this program

President & Boys Director: Marc Lomeli - 760-505-7766
Director: Rebecca Bailey - 760-443-6433
Customer Experience: Maria Barkley - 760-638-1967
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Facility Location
1223 Avenida Chelsea, Vista, CA 92081

Mailing Address
Whole Sports
665 San Rodolfo Dr, Unit 124-201
Solana Beach, CA 92075