Our Philosophy

At SD BEACH we know exactly what and how we teach the game. Our staff has spent years developing a recipe for sucess on the court. Read on to learn more about the Genuine Difference and why we will keep improving every year.

"Its about teaching good volleyball as best we can while remaining aware that what we are doing is more significant than Volleyball"


Biomechanics is how we adress mastering contacting the ball. This is broken down by skill ex. Passing, Setting, Hitting, Digging, Serving and . We have a competency system that starts from young and incentivises athletes to master each skill of our system and once they do they are recognised for their achievements.

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Systems is how we learn to work with our teamates with the ball together. Our athletes are taught systems for Passing, Hitting, Serving, Digging and Blocking. We work at practices to learn these Genuine Systems together to master our unity and control of the game.

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Strategies bring it all together and culminates in a game plan for an opponent.  Our opponent has strengths and weaknesses; we train our athletes to identify them and exploit them. Our athletes are not only taught to develop game plans for known opponents, but also to instinctively adapt in game situations.  Strategies are decisions made as a team to beat an opponent.

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The ultimate goal of our system is to develop athletes who have mastered both the physical and mental aspects of the game. This allows the “Genuine” athlete to develop a game plan for an opponent but, more importantly, to be fully immersed in the moment when the ball is in play, adapting to that opponent as the match progresses. 

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The “Genuine” Athlete Centered Approach

To develop a “whole” athlete, we must teach not only the volleyball skills but also embrace the life lessons that come from playing team sports. Our philosophy encompasses both the volleyball and human development that naturally come from team sports.


The most significant thing we are doing is teaching character. Sport provides a unique opportunity to test and build character in our youth. As John Wooden says, “Sports do not build character, they reveal it.” Once revealed, it can be nurtured, used as an example and built upon. Character is the single most important aspect to success on the court and in life.


We want our athletes to put their heart into competition and to care deeply about what they are doing.  We expect our athletes to care more about the success of their team than their own.  This develops a commitment to team. TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.


Passion is something that fuels and develops a love of the game.  Athletes who can develop a “Genuine” passion for the game and their team will be able to have great impact and longevity in the game.


We want our athletes to be able to believe in, and to focus on, their goals.  We use positive coaching methods to build up our athletes, and challenge them to believe in themselves and their team.

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January 1st 2017