Our Story

Marc Lomeli founded Genuine Volleyball Club in 2010 with the help of Rick Hettick.  Marc was playing professional volleyball internationally, and would return home in the summers to teach volleyball on local beaches. Rick, who had developed a successful business, mentored Marc and encouraged him to follow his dream of creating the first year-round beach volleyball club. Rebecca Bailey also played a great role in the development of Genuine. Genuine and San Diego Beach Volleyball were founded to bring an athlete centered approach to volleyball in San Diego that develops not only the athlete, but also the whole person. The athlete centered approach differentiates Genuine and SD Beach Volleyball and allows us to develop athletes to compete at the highest level, but also helps young people grow through the positive experiences of team sports.   Genuine and SD Beach started with 6 teams in different age groups. Since 2010, we have grown every year, and in 2016 we opened a custom-built volleyball training facility. This facility has helped Genuine increase our quality and focus on training, which has allowed our teams to rise in the league standings.  In 2017, we started a boys Indoor Program and now have over 100 athletes! Genuine/SD Beach continues to be an innovator in the volleyball community, continues to develop top-notch athletes and we have the BEST (and highly decorated) coaching staff in the county. Come experience the “Genuine” difference firsthand!

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